Classic Love Stories

 Our Love Story


Once Upon A Time....

There was a lady named Kylie and a man named Vince. 

For Kylie's birthday Vince arranged a big surprise! 

It all began when he whisked her away the night before to a beautiful B&B in the country. 

The next morning, Kylie's birthday, he had secretly arranged a ride in a hot air balloon. 

The surprises kept on coming when he proposed to her, high in the sky! 

She said yes! 

After all the special gifts and thoughtful touches, there was still more. 

Vince had organised for some dear friends to chauffeur them all the way home in a beautiful vintage car. 

It felt like a fairy tale!

Their fairy tale continued when they married the following year and were again chauffeured around by their dear friends in classic vintage cars! 

From these cherished feelings, the seed was planted for Very Nice Classics. 


This is us in NSW

Vince has always had a love of classic cars and when he spotted the beautiful Princess Saloon and Limousines in NSW, we jumped on a plane, hired a car and fell in love all over again.

Let us help make your fairy tale come true. 

People always remember how you make them feel!